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Birmingham Chamber Autumn Expo 2018
Look out for us on 5th October, as we are Exhibiting at the Autumn Expo!

The Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce will look to welcome over 800 SMEs, from across the West Midlands region to this annual event. With a seminar programme, speed networking sessions and over 90 companies exhibiting, including ourselves, this event will provide the perfect opportunity for delegates and exhibitors to showcase their products and services, network and find out whats working now! for SMEs in today's fast paced business world. 

If you wish to come along you can get  a complimentary ticket HERE

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Meet the Team

Here is the team in Emoji form so you can know a little bit more about us all...


Cre8tive Steve

Role at Cre8tive: Hands on Director, day to day running of the company and anything else that crops up.  

Favourite Animal:Horse 

Interests outside of Cre8tive? I enjoy most sports partcipating in Cycling, Racketball, Football & Golf 

One interesting fact that people don't know about me:
Before setting up company I went backpacking through Asia to Australia & New Zealand 

I can help you with quotes,payments,new products etc ..... 

Cre8tive David

Role at Cre8tive: Chatting to people about all types of branded merchandise or anything else that comes into my head at the time 

Favourite Animal: I don’t really have a favourite animal but badgers are good although they come in for lots of flack ! I also quite like Komodo Dragons though too !

Interests outside of Cre8tive? I do like classic cars and fab restaurants and if you can combine the two on a great trip even better !

I can help you with..... picking and choosing the best promotional product for you and your business. 
Cre8tive Barry

Role at Cre8tive: Sales and Marketing, cool Apps and Software to help the business grow and be more efficient

Favourite Animal: Parrot

Interests outside of Cre8tive? - Brand creation and sales funnels

One interesting fact that people don't know about me: I have written / created over 20 products... many of which are still available on Amazon

I can help you with.....   Sales Funnels and latest trends on online and offline marketing.

Cre8tive Aqsa

Role at Cre8tive: Accounts 

Favourite Animal: Giraffe 

Interests outside of Cre8tive? Definitely shopping – retail therapy is the best! 

One interesting fact that people don't know about me: I am slightly obsessed withSupernatural/ Fantasy films and TV series.

I can help you with..... invoicing, payments and generally all accounts related queries.   




Cre8tive Gary

Role at Cre8tive: I help with telling the Cre8tive story online on Social Media and these Newsletters.

Favourite Animal: It has to be my pet dog Ted. He is my little E-Wok and I love him to bits. 

Interests outside of Cre8tive? I love cycling, listening to Podcasts and taking walks with my dog.

One interesting fact that people don't know about me: I couldn't talk till I was 4 but I am now making up for the lost time.

I can help you with..... Telling your story online.
That is a little glimpse into the Cre8tive team! We would love to help you with any ideas that you might have for your marketing, so what are you waiting for, please give us a call on 08451 30 87 30 and tell us about them.

Speak to you soon,

Steve, David and Gary

The Cre8tive Team
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