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3 ways to grow sales with Promotional GIfts as part of a lumpy Mail marketing campaign

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We're picking up our discussion 8 different and unique ways you can use promotional gifts in lumpy mail marketing campaigns to boost your sales.  Last time  we shared how you can reactivate lost clients.  Here are 3 more ways you can use promotional gifts in the mail to add income in your business.

Increase The Size of an Order

As we talked about previously, lumpy mail can often be used as a freemium, a gift you give the prospect with no obligation on their part.  However, this inexpensive free gift can be used to give 'fence sitters' the last little push to take you up on your offer/service.

Here's another tip to increase the size of your order. Offer another free gift that complements the freemium you previously sent when they place their order of a certain spend size and above.  This will give many clients a good reason to increase their order size!

Generate Leads

We all know how hard it is to get new clients through a cold mailing, email and telephone prospecting. We all know it's extremely important to stand out from the crowd with your marketing.Promotional gifts in the post does just that. It is not unusual for your prospects to be so amazed with your mailing that they actually call to find out where you got the idea! and what how you can help them be more creative/ responsive too... at the very least its an opportunity to engage with prospects and clients.

Reduce Returns

One problem many business run into is return rates on physical product. This is often called buyer’s remorse. After the initial purchase you can send follow up promotional / gift mailings in marketing terms this is called a 'stick' campaign) to reinforce the purchase your customer has just made.

But why would you send lumpy mail including promotional/corporate gift items when you can send regular mail? For all the reasons we've already outlined. Remember, if a mailing doesn't get opened, it can't be read or acted upon, if it looks like any other boring piece of mail it will not create intrigue. It is every bit as important, if not more so, for your follow up marketing to be opened, read and acted upon, as your initial mailing to get sales growing, and turning customers into raving fans of your products/services.

The power of reciprocity - Lumpy Mail Pens

Promotional pen


Lumpy Mail can also be used as a freemium. A freemium is a premium gift that is delivered FREE, in the mail, up front with no obligation. (Example: FREE pen enclosed).


When you send somebody something of value for free, their human instincts kick in. They feel obligated to at least give your mailing their time. They feel obligated to take you up on your offer. They feel obligated to respond.


Sending a 'freemium' cuts the clutter, motivates the prospect to respond, actively involves the reader. It has staying power. Now, with all that being said, here's one caveat.


No matter how great your lumpy mailing, or your copywriting abilities, or your offer is, they all mean nothing without the proper list. If you don't have a good list, you don't have a good mailing. If you're trying to sell sandals in Aberdeen, in mid-winter , you're probably not going to do well because it's the wrong offer to the wrong group. If you want some inspiration on cost effective promotional items.


If you want ideas on cost effective promotional gifts to add to your mailings just give us a call.


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Have you Seen my Water Bottle?
Water Bottle         
Can you ever find one when you need one?

This summer, we have seen record temperatures that have changed not only the colour of the grass but also our shopping and working habits. A phrase that kept echoing around the office was...

"Have you seen my water bottle?"

It could be just us but we know the importance of reducing our plastic consumption so we each have our very own water bottle that we use. Steve has a classic sports design, Dave has one with a handle and Barry has one with a fruit diffuser inside it.

You see, there are so many different designs of Water Bottles that can each be branded with your company logo. We have over 400 on our website! 

Here are a few benefits of having your own water bottle...

  • They have a great area to brand so you can see your logo clearly.
  • They have a long lifespan so your brand will get greater awareness compared to some items.
  • If you are like us, you will be leaving it in different places so other people will see your brand.
  • You will be helping the environment by not buying single-use plastic bottles!

Also, you have the option of branding pre-filled water bottles which are great for events and offices!

Still not sure? Here's Barry talking about them here